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07/05/2013 10:54

The AVS 60th International Symposium and Exhibition addresses cutting-edge issues associated with materials, processing, and interfaces in both the research and manufacturing communities.


07/05/2013 10:50
Description of IVC-19

The 19th International Vacuum Congress (IVC-19) will provide a unique worldwide opportunity to professionals in the academic and industrial research communities to share their latest scientific findings and technological developments in the fields of materials, coatings, nanosciences and surfaces

AETOC 2013

10/04/2013 11:51
The 8th edition of the international workshop of "Application of Electrochemical Techniques to Organic Coatings" (AETOC) will take place from 24th until 27th of April 2013 in Emmetten, Switzerland.

Atmospheric Plasma - Pre-treatment for continuous processing

10/04/2013 11:28

The surface activation and functionalization of various materials is a crucial step within continuous processes. Mainly in the plastic processing industry (roll-to-roll, lamination, printing, ...). 


09/04/2013 14:52
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