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Since October 2012 the Brussels region (INNOVIRIS) is funding the APSInt spin-off project.  The aim of this project is to start the Spin-off company in October 2014.  APSInt stands for: Atmospheric Plasma Solution Integrator.  It will help industries to identify the best available plasma technique available for their needs and to smoothly integrate the plasma solution on their production lines.  It will provide recommendations on how to replace traditional surface treatments by more environmentally friendly cold atmospheric plasma process.  As the plasma is cold this technology can be used on most types of substrates and is able to deposit a great variety of complex molecules.  The use of atmospheric pressure plasmas greatly reduces the treatment cost compare to traditional low pressure plasma.  No vacuum chamber and no pumping system are needed anymore.  As the technology doesn’t required sealed off chambers it can be directly implemented on continuous process line.  With help from the Capcoat expertise center the spin-off will also be able to propose innovative functional coatings to its clients, broadening the possible applications of their products.

With stricter environmental laws, some traditional processes must be changed in order to comply with the new laws.  The clients themselves are becoming more and more concerned about the environmental responsiveness of the products they buy.  Therefore using a cutting edge environmentally friendly process becomes a strong sales argument.

Several companies have already shown an interest in the implementation of atmospheric plasma solutions on their production line.  Some of them have accepted to sponsor the APSInt project: AGC, ARCEO, MACTAC and Surfx.